Physical Education teachers came out to learn! Our optional professional learning event brought out teachers in the triple digits! Whether you were a new or a veteran Physical Education teacher people came out to learn and connect with one another! Having various learning sessions through the day gave teachers the opportunity to learn, ask questions, apply various teaching strategies and methodologies. Be it outside on the turf, in the gym, in the classroom, or in the auditorium Physical Education teachers are the most versatile teachers of them all. Having a changing learning environment all year long takes skill to navigate but the Physical Education teachers of San Diego Unified are up to the task!

Special shout out to Lori Schmersal, Dennis Gildehuas, Katrina McClanahan, Chris Ahrens, Laura Brodfuhrer, Amber Wetzig, Robbie DePerro, Janet Duffy Brewer, Terri Clark, Adam Wolfgaard, Geoff Shimotsu, Candice Narlock, Lonnie Jones, Kylee Wetsel and William Perno.

Thank You for the leadership and structure provided from the above mentioned individuals to help put together the best optional Professional Learning sessions for the opening week back at SDUSD.