District Fitnessgram Updates

Hello SDUSD physical education teachers. Here is the latest Fitnessgram update:

  • Testing will take place during the full month of April.
  • Body Composition will not be tested this year. (No height/weight taken)
  • Fitness scores should be recorded on your end but only students participation for each performed test will be reported to the district through Illuminate.
  • Fitness scores should be used to empower students to set personal goals, track progress, inform activity and meet grade level standards as described in the California Physical Education Model Content Standards.”
  • Past healthy fitness zones are no longer recognized. Encourage students to “do their best” but do not compare their scores to past HFZ’s.
  • Here is the link to the November 2021 CDE physical fitness testing webinar notes for more information: Nov 2022 CDE PDT Webinar Notes
  • In the attached Exemptions in Physical Education district form, the two-year exemption is not an option at this time per the CDE (please see this SDCOE link with more information).
  • Information for teachers on how to administer the test will come out from Assessment Services in March.
  • Optional Fitnessgram training for teachers will be loaded into SafeSchools from Assessment Services in March.


The state has formed a committee and have begun the process to create/select a “test” to be used in future years. That process could take 1-2 years.

We will forward any other updates as we receive them.

Thank you all for your patience as we put together what this will look like for you and your students in April.