“Our mission is to provide equal access of innovative wellness programs to youth of all ages and abilities, encouraging a healthy & dynamic lifestyle for all.”

Believe It. Achieve It. (BA), is a health and wellness organization aimed to create a new culture of Physical Education where wellness is celebrated and fitness is fun! Our vision is that “Everyone Deserves a Chance!”

BA revolutionizes conventional P.E. by prioritizing an array of different wellness components through enjoyable activities. The program promotes the adoption of these practices through BA’s innovative 4 Pillars of Practice; Collaborative Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Water Encounters, and Obstacles Courses, aiming to instill a commitment to life-long wellness. Unlike traditional approaches, BA emphasizes a dynamic and engaging approach to fitness and wellness where student participation rates flourish.

  1. Need/Why Now?
  • Students are exhibiting lower levels of activity than ever before, and are not fully engaging in physical education classes like in times past.
  • Physical activity that is engaging and fun improves the health and emotional well-being of students and instills life-long habits contributing to health and wellness.
  1. Solution/Impact 
  • Believe It. Achieve It. inspires positive change by offering fun and engaging physical activities for students of all ages and abilities.
  • BA infuses collaboration, critical thinking, and social-emotional learning throughout their activities using the Four Pillars.
  • Thus far, BA has impacted over 50,000 students.
  1. Why Believe It. Achieve It.?
  • Believe It. Achieve It. is an innovative and dynamic approach to physical education for all students that has shown high engagement and enjoyment from students. Teachers have also reported seeing gains in the classroom as a result of student’s enthusiastic participation in BA wellness programs.
  • BA reflects San Diego’s rich diversity in its staff, volunteers, interns and student mentors.

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